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MD 1726/2026

MD 1726/2026

Heat Fixation For Direct Textile Printing with Textile Dispere Dye & Pigment Ink

The MD is a complete independent heat fixation. It is designed to work individually for high volume production without the need of a mechanical or electrical interface. and the MD works highly with for the fixation of disperse direct and disperse sublimation dyes for flags, promotional textile and soft signage and interior decorations and more.

Due to the pressure-free heat fixation, the media structure will be maintained and the heat fixation will not influence the printing process with heat generation and evaporated ink because it work off-line to each printer. Utilizing quarts lamp, the heat fixation can provide even temperature for a whole process of fixation.


  • Can be installed in a small space

  • Optimized for a large amont of processing

  • A coated drum with a highly stable surface tempertaure

  • High-quality heat press processing

  • Automatic temperature control

  • Simple and easy mechanical control

  • Simple maintenance and low power consumption

  • Easy-to-move, wheel-applied design

  • No noise during the operation

  • Robust and operator-friendly exterior design

  • Automatic speed control

  • Equipped with a perfect dust collector

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