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Ink Filling Machine & Accessories

Ink Filling Machine

For Empty Ink Pouch

The ink filling machine is designed to fill ink into a variety of different empty ink pouch. The holder for ink pouch can be changed by the shape of mouthpiece of ink pouch to hold each ink pouch. After holding the ink pouch, push the needle into the rubber of Mouthpeice and fill ink. The ink filling machine is compatible with waterbased, solvent and UV ink. And the filling machine has suction function after filling.

For Assembled Cartridges

The ink filling machine is designed to fill ink into assembled 440ml and 220ml cartridges of Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh. The filling machine has two cartridges slots then You can fill two cartridges at one time. You need to set up the time of filling 440ml or 220ml ink capacity then it automatically fill ink up to 440ml or 220ml ink capacity. It is simple and easy to fill ink in to assemble cartridges. And the filling machine is available With two model for watera based ink and solvent based ink.


Suction Machine

The suction machine removes air after filling ink into an ink pouches. It can works with any kind of inks like solvent, waterbased and UV inks. It is simple and portable to remove air from the ink pouch. You can Adjust the strength of suction power.

MBIS Assistant Tool

The tool is designed to fill ink into 2 liter ink pouch for Mimaki MBIS system. The nozzle of MBIS Assistant tool is made to fit exactly to a mouthpiece of 2 Liter ink pouch. Therefore, there is no possibility that ink leaks or air goes in ink pouch. With the tool, you can fill ink into 2 liter ink pouch without any hassle.

ToolMouthpeice Sealer

The sealer is designed to seal the front of mouthpiece of 440ml and 220ml Compatible cartridges after filling. In addition to this tool, we supply the small round shape aluminum as consumable. After sealing the front of mouthpiece, it looks clean and safe.

Cartridge Sensor Adhesive Tool

The tool helps to place and attach the sensor of 440ml and 220ml compatible cartridge on the correct position. It is very important to attach the sensor in the cartridges because the sensor does not come out and printer still works even though ink in the pouch is empty if the sensor is attached on the incorrect position.

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