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Reactive ink for digital textile printing

For Ricoh Gen4,5 & Kyocera head

For Piezo Head.

 This Reactive ink is for inkjet textile printing especially designed for high speed printing mode. Also the inks are formulated with the same base colorants used in conventional textile printing and meet industry standard performance. These inks can be applied on cellulosic and silk fabrics by piezo technology such as Mimaki TX2/TX3, Monaalisa, D-Gen Heracle , Qualijet HS digital textile printers.

Colors : 
Cyan , Magenta , Yellow , Black , Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black, Orange, Green, Blue, Red

Fabric Compatibility: 
Cotton, Viscose/Rayon, Silk, Linen

Application include: 
home furnishings, apparel, trade show banners



(Reactive ink)

 TDS (Reactive ink)

Dye sublimation ink for DX4,5,7 head compatible

Dye Sublimation Ink For Epson Piezo Head Printers
( for Dx4, Dx5, Dx7 EPSON Piezo Printer Head )
Dye Sublimation ink can be used not only direct printing on fabrics without using a heated transfer paper but also traditional heat transfer printing method with using a transfer paper.
For smooth ink flow without head clogging, we make particle size of dispersive dyes smaller under 100nm ( 0.1μm ) and use the high-class dyes to keep their color shade in harsh condition. Dye Sublimation ink has good ink jetting under the various printing environment  ( -20˚C-10% ~ 40˚C-80% ).

Features and benefits


. Intense and vibrant color
. Long lasting head performance
. Enhanced productivity
. Strong outdoor durability
. Fast drying on transfer paper





. Interior display, Fancy items, Flag, Sports wear,

  Swimming suit


Printer Compatibility


. EPSON Printer

  Pro 9890/7890, Pro 4900, Pro 9700/7700, Pro 3880, Pro 9900/7900, Pro 4880, Pro 9880/7880, Pro 9450/7450/4450

  Pro 11880, Pro 3800, Pro 9400/7400/4400, Pro 4800, Pro 9800/7800, Pro 7600, Pro 9600, Pro 7500, Pro 9500
  Pro 5000, Pro 7000, Pro 9000, Pro 4000S, Pro 4000P, Pro 10000, Pro 10600, Color 3000, Photo R3000
  SureColor SC-T3000/T5000/T7000


. Mimaki 
  JV2, JV4, JV5, JV33, CJV30, TS34 Series Printer


. Roland
  FP, CJ, FJ, FH, RA, XF Series Printer


. Mutoh

  RJ Series, Valuejet Series, 1604W2, 1618W2, 1624W2, 1638W2, 1604TX, 1628TD, 1618DTX, 1628DTX


. Seiko 508 GS ( Ftex JS-BT-180 , Ichinose 2030 )

. Ricoh Gen 4 ( d.gen Telieios Grande, Mimaki TX400 )

. Ricoh Gen 5 ( Mimaki TX500 )

. Konica Minolta KM512 ( Konica Minolta Nassenger VII )

. Kyocera KJ4 ( MS JP-6, MS LaRIO, Reggiani ReNOIR )       


Piezo Sublimation Ink Technical Data Sheet


MSDS_piezo sublimation ink-Subly

Direct Pigment for T-shirts (DTG) FOR DX4,5,7

Direct pigment for textile ink (DTG printings) - T-SHIRTS PIGMENT INK

 DTG ink are specially developed for direct to garment or roll to roll digital printing on cotton or cotton rich blends for a wide variety of apparel and specialty application. DTG ink is particularly suitable for ink-jet printing on wide format printers using piezo printing heads. They are provide superior productivity and quality for high speed commercial printers including Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and Epson.

Available Colors : Cyan , Magenta , Yellow , Black , White

Compatible Printer : Epson 1290,1390,2000,2200,2400,2880,4800,4880,7880

Epson 7880,9880, Mutoh 1638

Product Description
Water based pigment digital ink

1. Direct p
rint onto pretreated or non-pretreated fabric (Textile or Garment)
2. Printing on every fabric (Nylon, Polyester , Silk , Cotton , Viscose/Rayon , Linen , Wool)

Main Features
1. Bright and intense colors allow obtaining a wide color gamut during the profiling phase
2. Optical ink fluidity and printability through new type of Epson piezo heads
3. Fast drying on substrates dedicated to transfer
4. Very good fastness properties






The TLPC is Formulated a whole new dynamic for the DTG printing world giving multiple options in printing your designs, with incredible results. First, if you are not printing a white under base on your garments, TLPC will provide excellent image quality sharpness, vibrancy, and wash durability. Simply apply TLPC using a spray gun or hand sprayer.

TLPC – Pre-treating liquid for CMYK ink (Light colored garment)
TKPC – Pre-treating liquid for white ink (Dark colored garment) 


1) Press (10~20 sec, 140℃) on T-shirt
– This way you press all the fibers flat and get some of the moisture out of the shirt

2) Apply the Pre-coating with Spray gun and roll (left to right, up and down) by using paint brush

3) Press (40sec, 140℃) with parchment paper or teflon sheet
– You should get some of the moisture in Pre-coating out of the shirt

4) Garments are now ready to print with color inks

Product Property

  1. Vivid color expression

  2. Strong wash-ability

Direct to Garmet(DTG) PRE-COATING
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