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3D Sublimation Transfer Film

3D Sublimation Transfer Film / Film for 3D sublimation transfer / 3D Sublimation films phone cases

Due to its unique high porosity design our 3D film holds up to 50% more ink than other competitive products on the market without losing any image clarity. Our 3D film produces sharp smooth finishes that are virtually dry on printing, therefore greatly reducing mess and waste.

  • High porosity coating dries within seconds of leaving the print head resulting in no more smeared images on high production runs

  • The glass-like coated surface prints a mirror-like finish which equates to glossy transfers of your images

  • The unique surface permits heavier ink loads resulting in extremely vibrant transfers

  • High quality ink transfer with no mess and no pooling ink on the surface of your film

  • The most cost offective 3D film on the market

  • Available to purchase without being tied into buying expensive machinery or licensing agreements

  • Utilising the optimal micron thickness and anti-pop technology, VISCOSMO 3D film allows just the right amount of stretch to avoiding popping, creep smearing and film creasing. Costly film and product wastage is therefore greatly reduced.

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